Theresa M. Brion
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Theresa M. Brion, Goodwin House Bailey’s Crossroads Chaplain

What I enjoy most about being the Chaplain for the Goodwin House Bailey’s Crossroads community is the relationships that I share and develop with the residents, staff, family members and volunteers. Unlike some chaplaincy positions, I have the opportunity to listen and be with people, as we companion each other through our lives and life’s transitions. Unlike a parish priest, I can work within a larger community of friends and neighbors yet still have the ability to make connections with the members of the community in a manner found primarily in very small church or other communities. I also enjoy the opportunity to serve as an interfaith chaplain within a resident-centered community where each resident (and, in fact, each member of the community) is valued and is supported in growing and sharing his or her gifts. In reality, each of us is a care partner (and an encouraging, supporting cheerleader) of each and every member of that community.