Sally Recinos
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Sally Recinos, Goodwin House Bailey’s Crossroads Resident

I moved into GHBC in January 2016, eight years after my husband died. Keeping up my house and garden had ceased to be a labor of love and had become simply labor. It is the best decision I have made as a ‘mature’ adult. I am able to be active in all the pursuits I have enjoyed for years, gardening, flower arranging, aerobics, Pilates, and then enjoy delicious meals that I do not need to prepare. I have a wonderful group of new friends and have never laughed as much as I do now. With time no longer spent on home owner chores I can attend interesting in-house lectures on subjects ranging from foreign affairs to Islam. I have joined committees concerned about the resident gardens, recycling and the environment, fitness activities and most recently the Silver Panthers Huddle, which is an outgrowth of the Woman’s March on January 21, 2017.  The monthly GHBC bus to the DC mall is a terrific opportunity to visit downtown museums and gardens without the hassle of driving and looking for parking. I haven’t begun to take advantage of all the opportunities offered here, but there is no hurry; I will be able to do them when I get old!