Lindsay Robinson
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Lindsay Robinson, Executive Assistant, Goodwin House Incorporated

Variety is the spice of life, and that’s Goodwin House in spades!

With employees from over 60 countries and residents who travel the world, change and diversity are at the heart of Goodwin House. My working days are often like a mini-United Nations as I interact with people from multiple countries and with those who have just returned from abroad. What we share in common is a Goodwin House culture which values individual uniqueness and caring for others, and this includes residents, members, staff, business partners and those in our broader community.

Thanks to cutting edge neuroscience and biology, we know more about aging well than at any time in history, and Goodwin House is a leader in Reimaging Aging based on this new scientific knowledge. From music therapy for those with dementia to wi-fi programs and Teaching Company lectures to entertain and challenge senior brains to stay young, Goodwin House promotes mental stimulation, physical activity and social involvement.

This prescription is “just what the doctor ordered” for health and happiness in later life. As a senior myself, it’s a prescription that I plan to take; and as a Priority Club member, I have the assurance that Goodwin House will be there to support me to the end. As we often say, this is “the Goodwin House way!”