Kathy Anderson
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Kathy Anderson, President & CEO, Goodwin House Incorporated

In 2002, I was the new kid on the Goodwin House block, and new to Virginia as well.   At my first Semi-Annual Resident Meeting that April, I was asked to give remarks on my first 60 days and hopes for the organization, to a full house of residents.  I was anxious and eager!

Mike and Lynn McCaffree, GHA residents, took me aside after the program.  With kindness and gentle hearts, they told me to take a break and go see the DC cherry blossoms – and “be sure not to miss Hains Point; the blossoms are gorgeous there.”

That Saturday I biked in to see the blossoms and Mike & Lynn were correct – it was just what was needed.  I’ve never missed a DC cherry blossom time yet.

Mike and I still look as young as we did 15 years ago, and he still stands for me as a symbol of why I’m here:  to know, honor, support, learn from and love our residents and members and be part of our amazing team.