Harriett McCune
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Harriett McCune, Member, Goodwin House at Home

My father practiced medicine until he was 85, played golf until he was 95, lived to be almost 102, and died at home.  My mother, who will be 107 (!) in December, 2017, lives at home in Georgia, and I have an aunt who will soon be 100 who also lives in her home.  An uncle died last month at the age of 104, and he lived in his home. My business with an office at home, gardening and, of course, my neighbors provide much pleasure and enjoyment, and I have no plans to give them up.  I hope to continue the family “tradition” of aging in place.  Because of Goodwin House at Home, which will be there if I ever need help, I have confidence that I will achieve that objective. We are very fortunate in this area that such a wonderful plan exists, and I am very thankful I have been able to join it.