Edie Smolinski
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Edie Smolinski, GHBC Resident

Keep Moving –  The Three P’s

Years ago when old friends Dick and Betty Allan invited us to dinner at Goodwin House Baileys, we knew it was some place special.

When we decided on the move, we shared our possessions with people who needed them more and decided to be less attached to “things”.

How could we imagine the adventures that we found? Our plan was to sit less and move more – take the stairs – try the Nordic sticks – join a committee –  the sky’s the limit.

When old friends inquired as to what we liked “over there at Baileys”, our reply was simple – The Three P’s.

The Three P’s – People, Provisions and the Pool

We kept old friends and made new friends – caring and fun, came to know a loving staff, and volunteered to help others in a variety of ways;

We were provided more nutritional meals than we ever imagined;

And we used our Olympic-size pool  – aerobics and balancing classes and spa and sauna –  imagine that!

You will find as you look back on life that the moments that stand out, the moments when you have really lived, are the moments when you have done things in a spirit of love.*  That captures Goodwin House!

* Henry Drummond